How a Predictive Dialer increases the revenue of business

A technology that is commonly used by telemarketing companies and businesses that have a communication system amongst themselves or with their customers is the predictive dialer. Other businesses such as debt collection organizations and or survey companies that require direct contact and the need to personally speak with people by calling through a telephone might also use this dialer technology. This technology has helped us automate all our calls, these auto dialers are used as a quick and easy way to make a call rather than to manually dial, such as welcome calls for new customers or customer service calls backs. There are numerous features offered by the auto dialer and predictive dialer communication system. A few of them are automatic call distribution, interactive voice response or even call recording.

predd_productivity_diagramFirstly, installing and deploying a predictive dialer communication system to run your call center business is an excellent and effect step. The predictive dialer has the ability to improve and contour numerous functions, as well as also increase your company and its employees and calling agent’s productivity. The predictive dialer helps in performing the most major task of calling your contact list. The first and most important function of a predictive dialer is to manage and handle calls in an effective manner. With the help of built in artificial intelligence, the predictive dialer makes the calls and forwards them to the agents. Resulting in increased efficiency and productivity of the calling agents.


Generally, most of the auto dialer software allows sale reps to dial a huge amount of numbers but the predictive dialer carries this out by calling on more numbers then the number of available sales reps or agents. Although there is chance that when the dialer makes a call and it is answered, there will be no available sales rep to talk to. Thus the call is generally dropped and the leads are wasted. After purchasing a predictive dialer and have it set up, you need to provide the predictive dialer with a list of phone numbers. The predictive dialer’s main purpose is to find people to answer the phone calls and forward them to the agents. With this sort of dialing software system, your agents will be able to talk to more people in a specific time interval.

The prices of predictive dialers can vary a lot, mainly dependent on your company and its needs, it can anything from $3000 to $50000. As the price increases, the number of features also increases and as the price decreases the number if features also decreases. Most of the companies dealing in selling of predictive dialers and their components can easily be accessed through the internet. Once you have purchased a predictive dialer system, other services such as the shipping, installation, maintenance and staff training are also provided. The predictive dialer systems have gained a lot of popularity and justly so. Each and every day a new firms shifts their communication system in to predictive dialer systems for communication with their clients or amongst themselves. Regardless of the size of your business, small or large, as long as you have the need to call people in large numbers this is the best and most efficient solution for you. Numerous firms such as telemarketing companies, collection agencies and many other are using the predictive dialer communication system and enjoying many benefits.